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Great marriages is a brainchild of Shweta Malik who has been in Hotels and Hospitality industry for nearly a decade. She has done her Master’s Of Business Administration in marketing from Amity University Noida and a pass out from Institute of Hotel Management Caterting Technology and Applied Nutrition Pusa New Delhi and has been an All India topper . She has worked with best hotels in India and abroad in Banquets and marketing and brings with her vast and diversified experience.

Being a part of the hospitality industry, we understand that a success of the Event comes with experience and perfect coordination. We at great marriages have a team of experienced and qualified Designers, Coordinators and hospitality staff, to provide best services to match all times & seasons.

Quality is the key factor where our services out-class the competition. Our prime concern is to provide memorable Events to be remembered by the Guests
. Our team of professionals takes all possible measures to deliver you as per your Taste, Style, Requirements & with in your Budget Almost every bride today has had a vision of their wedding day since childhood. She sees only the beauty and the glamour of being “Queen for a Day” in her vision.

Unfortunately, to get to all of the beauty of a perfect wedding day, it takes between 100 to 200 days of planning.
Once realized, this is when the panic sets in and the dynamics change greatly. So great marriages also offer the services as a bridal consultant ,wedding coordinator, and works with your budget to help you create the dream of a perfect wedding day.
There are several reasons to choose us
Our planning is the key to your family happiness.
We give innovative ideas.
We give the best value for your money.
We have strong vendor network.
We have talented and specialized team with us to make your event unique.
We are flexible to the needs of our clients.
We know time is money so our team make sure everything is done on time.
We are equipped to do the job full time.
We have trained staff to know all of the elements necessary for your            particular ceremony and reception.
We have worked with wedding professionals and has a relationship that can           often get you the best quality at a reduced price.
We will work with your schedule to set up vendor meetings.
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